Know Your Provider

We as medical professionals face a war against this Covid-19. We at Specialty Foot Care support all precautions that limits and prevents the manifestation of this virus. Though we are sidelined for the time as non-essential medical services, Specialty Foot Care is committed to aid in the control of the threat Covid-19 presents. We as a group are dedicated to keeping ourselves healthy and being ready to follow all advice to control this threat. Considering the seriousness of this crisis I want to make you aware of who we are and give you an idea why we are your unique partner. We are, and have always been, serious about infection control. Our practice is designed for limiting the opportunity for cross contamination. It is our mission to limit cross contamination and unnecessary medical intervention through high level RN Preventative Foot Care. Some, if not most, foot care providers that don’t understand some of the things important to safe foot care. It’s OUR mission to provide The Best Foot Care Experience Available on the Planet, and that experience is not just about the “Spa Experience”. It’s about the confidence that our patients leave our clinics with information regarding any potential for an assessed concern that may require further medical assistance. We are the most developed process and the safest hands for which you could trust feet. It is for that reason I am writing a series on foot care that informs the reader why we do foot care safely. Firstly, one of the founding principles behind SFC, since day one, is preventing the spread of disease and infection specific to foot care. The most common being Onychomycosis, or toenail fungus. That and many other opportunistic pathogens exist in our environment that can be harmful to our elderly population due to the immune system not being what it once was. Onychomycosis won’t kill the host outright, but it can and does create issues that are life limiting, painful and deadly. It is our calling to be as furiously dedicated to the prevention of a deadly scenario resulting from conditions of the feet as you are protecting your Population from Covid-19. We partner with multiple professionals who are appropriate and complimentary to our assessments and care.

We are a professional nursing group specializing in foot care. We consist of 6 seasoned RNs comprising over a century of combined nursing experience in every aspect of healthcare. Our nurses have decades of experience from ER, OR, ICU, Burn Unit, Peds, Hospice, Home Health, Med Surg, Cardiac Care, Infection Control and years of nursing management including risk assessment. When I say our nurses are seasoned, I mean they are “Grizzled Old War Horses”, a moniker which I carry proudly. We’ve seen and done most all of it. It takes a seasoned nurse to do what we do. At first glance foot care does not sound like a complicated field but nothing could be further from the fact. Firstly, many of us do not go through life without the experience of a chronic disease process. Most chronic conditions manifest themselves in the feet to some degree. Our job requires assessment skills learned over many years of practice to be able to understand those manifestations and make risk assessments. Our nurses must have experience with disease processes that allow them to recognize when you or a loved one is at risk. As we age our immune system, likewise, ages. What was once perfectly fine at age 30 is a dangerous undertaking at 80. For that reason, no one over the age of 75 should have their feet touched by anyone that is not a qualified nurse or physician.

An RN is far preferable for the purposes of preventative care. Our practice is more economical and physiologically sound when addressing concerns. Routine and preventative care is preferred economically by far than acute care that could otherwise have been prevented. We understand keeping our patients safe and providing an environment that protects our patients from contamination, cross contamination and infection. It’s just part of our training and we’ve practiced this skill throughout our nursing careers. When a physician prepares to do an invasive procedure, Nurses are the professionals who ensure environmental precautions and safety. In the OR, it’s the nurse that makes sure that the environment is safe for the surgeon to practice their skills. It’s part of our experience and every nurse at SFC brings that expertise to the delivery of foot care. We value our relationships with all physicians. We can’t do what they do any more than they can do what we do. For routine preventative foot care though, a “Grizzled Old War Horse” is your best bet for keeping you and your loved one out of the doctor’s office and off the surgeon’s table.