Specialty Foot Care considers it a privilege to be part of your community. Our Mission is to Provide THE Best Foot Care Experience Available on the Planet not only for our clients but for our Community Partners as well. Our job is to take work and responsibility off your plate, enhance the sense of community and provide a needed medical intervention wrapped in a day spa experience.

We take the privilege seriously. Our work is designed to enhance the culture you’ve established for your community. We strive to understand each community and work within their specific culture. The last thing you should be worried about as a community partner with SFC is feet. If we find an issue on assessment that rises above nurse practice standards, we will always have a FACE to FACE conversation with your medical representative before we leave the building and participate in a plan of care to address that issue. We don’t expect your staff to be our financial representative. We handle communications with pay sources, make all arrangement and report back to you.

We also want to be more than a vendor. We want to be an integral part of your outreach. When you need a speaker at a family night or participation in your events, call us first. One of our “Four Priorities of Foot Care” is education, not just for our clients but staff and the Community at large. We can and will show up and help you achieve your goals.

Finally, we cannot be successful without the efforts of your care giving staff. We know the effort it takes for them to make our clinics successful. As a thank you for that effort, we would like to find a time to show up on a day when the weather allows, set up our tent and our grill then cook my custom made burgers and hotdogs for the staff and have a little fun. Our way of saying thank you to staff.

From everyone at Specialty Foot Care, we say thank you for including us,


Richard Lee RN