It’s 2021 and Things Are Looking Ehhh… OK?

At this point in time, there seems to be just two kinds of people: those with COVID fatigue, and those who are CEOs of Amazon and Zoom. Many are struggling to get by, and Specialty Foot Care hasn’t been an exception. However, through all of the chaos of this tumultuous past year, with extreme gratitude, we are pleased to announce that we didn’t lose a single team member in the last 12 months. Neither the disease nor the shutdown caused anyone to leave our team, and as a small company, we find this to be a remarkable accomplishment. With the new year already underway, we’re looking forward to getting back to doing what we do best: taking care of people’s feet.

Specialty Foot Care is preparing to do business in this “new normal.” We understand now that our hopes last February–back when we thought we’d all just stay home for a week or two and then everything would be fine again–were far from reality. Returning to work, we are very serious about making good on our mission to provide the best foot care experience available on the planet. Operating in a safe environment is a crucial component of this. And it’s also worth noting that while, yes, our services bring people comfort, Specialty Foot Care provides much more than simply a “spa” experience. We are a group of professional nurses specializing in foot care.

We consist of 6 seasoned registered nurses, comprising over a century of combined nursing experience in every aspect of healthcare, with work including:

  • ER
  • OR
  • ICU
  • Burn Unit
  • Pediatric
  • Hospice
  • Home Health
  • Medical Surgery
  • Cardiac Care
  • Infection Control
  • Nursing Management, including risk assessment. 


With this level of experience under our belts, we can commit with confidence to aiding the control of COVID-19. A big part of what we have always done is prevent the spread of disease and infection–we just do it through people’s feet. Through high-level preventative foot care, we limit cross-contamination and unnecessary medical intervention. At first glance, foot care doesn’t seem to be too complicated of a medical field, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The majority of chronic conditions manifest themselves in the feet to some degree, and our job requires assessment skills learned over many years of practice to be able to understand those manifestations and make risk assessments. Our nurses have experience with disease processes that allow them to recognize when you or a loved one is at risk. It’s important to us that our patients leave our clinics with information regarding any potential for an assessed concern that may require further medical assistance.

We will be offering private home visits, assisted living and nursing home visits, as well as routine foot care appointments to resume providing professional medical foot care to the residents and communities of Colorado, from Pueblo to Fort Collins. Our foot care regimen includes:

  • Assessment of foot care issues on every visit.
  • Nail clipping done by a professional foot care nurse.
  • Use of clean, sanitized equipment on every client.
  • Pumice scrub to loosen the dry skin on the feet.
  • Warm foot bath with stimulating oil.
  • Relaxing foot massage with scented lotion.


We maintain extraordinary measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. In addition to having a vaccinated clinical staff, the entire Specialty Foot Care team is tested every week to ensure that our patients and ourselves remain COVID-free.

Specialty Foot Care is doing its part to get the world back on a better, healthier track. I am hoping all of you, clients, customers, patients, families, and friends stay well and prosper in the coming year. 2021 may not be exactly like 2019 was, but it sure isn’t going to be anything like 2020. 


Richard Lee, RN

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