Momma Don’t Really Care How Good a Nurse I am, She Just Likes My Foot Rub

The task of getting foot care done for an elderly family member can be challenging. Those challenges include getting mom to the car, stowing the walker, and of course driving to the podiatrist’s office. Park in the front, get mom’s walker out of the car and get her in the building, then go park the car and come back to get mom to the doctor’s office. The appointment lasts 5 minutes but you waited 25. Then you get mom back to the door, go get the car, get mom in, stow the walker and drive back to her community. There you unload the walker, get mom inside, go park the car and come back to find mom is waiting to finally have that coffee with you. You’ve spent half a day away from work to get toenails clipped and now you don’t have time for coffee with mom. Familiar?

We have the fix for foot care. (We can’t help with much else but rest assured, you will never have to worry about feet again.)

Specialty Foot Care is a private professional nursing group specializing in routine preventative Foot Care. We come to mom, dad, or both. We see our patients in the comfort of THEIR home. Stay and have coffee with mom and leave the feet to us. For the rest of her life, feet need not be something you have to worry about. We provide routine monthly or every other month care for her feet. We do a complete assessment and if we find something that warrants attention, we have a face-to-face conversation with family or her care team before we leave the community. Our nurses treat all feet no matter the underlying disease processes. We shape the most misshapen nails, remove corns and calluses painlessly, remove ingrown nails painlessly. We leave a report for our visit in her community so that you can know exactly what we saw and what we did. We are the experts at preventative foot care. The convenience of having mom or dad seen in their home along with the peace-of-mind knowing they are cared for routinely by professional nurses is well worth our fee. But we don’t stop there. No, we believe in “sizzle”—added value and fun is a hallmark of the Specialty Foot Care process.

We believe foot care can be fun. (We gave up on glamorous, and went for fun instead.) When our nurses show up at mom and dad’s community, we set up in an activity room where we have space to spread out and visit with other community residents. We will play some music, maybe Ole Blue Eyes or Tony Bennett, something mom and dad grew up on. Of course, our nurses or I do our professional foot care and write our reports for your review. BUT, once that is done, we treat them to a warm foot bath with a tea tree oil treatment, and a mild pumice scrub to exfoliate the dry skin. That warm foot bath has made me many friends during my career. Then after the foot bath we pat the feet dry and give mom a foot massage with a moisturizing lotion. That’s how I make friends with the ladies. Our foot care leaves them refreshed for the day and is always an enjoyable experience. In fact, our mission statement is to Provide THE Best Foot Care Experience Available on the Planet. We have wrapped an important medical intervention inside a spa day experience just so mom will never miss an opportunity to enjoy better health.

And the truth is, Mom don’t really care how good a nurse I am—she just likes my foot rub.

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